5 Best Games of Supercell

5 Best Games of Supercell

Like everyone else, I am also one of the biggest fans of Clash of Clans which is one of the most successful games of supercell by so far. Clash of Clans is not the only blockbuster game but there are other best games produced by Supercell. But first who is Supercell? a video game company that started as a group of people in a garage in Finland. Founded in 2010, now Supercell is famous on the Play Store with a total download count of 30million+. 

Since its launch in 2010, Supercell has brought five blockbuster games to the global market. Namely one of the most successful is the Clash of clans, Hay Day, Boom Beach, Clash Royale, and Brawl Stars. Supercell has a single goal of making one of the best games which can be played by the user for a lifetime without loss of any interest.

1. Clash of clans

Supercell released Clash of Clans on worldwide on iOS and Android. Clash of clans is an online strategy game where players build defenses and train troops to attack other players’ bases. Clash of Clans take the first place in best games of Supercell which is one of the top-grossing apps on iOS and Android. Clash of Clans has most of the positive reviews from the global audience on the play store.

2. Clash Royale

Clash Royale was released by Supercell in 2016 for iOS, and Android devices worldwide. Clash Royale is an RTS game where you have to fight against other online players in frantic duels. The cast characters of Clash Royale is similar to Clash of Clans likes: Giants, Barbarian Kings, Wall Breakers, Archers, and many more.

Clash Royale has a very simple gameplay and very straightforward. Starting with three towers initially on the game: one in the middle and the other two on each side. Your aim on Clash Royale is to use your troops to destroy your enemy’s central tower, while also defending your own towers. So, Clash Royale is the second best games of Supercell in our opinion.

3. Boom Beach

Boom Beach is another block booster game from the Supercell company. In March 2014 Supercell released Boom Beach for iOS and Android users all over the world. Players can create their own fort on a Pacific island and attack enemy islands in exciting mass battles in the Boom Beach which is very similar to Clash of Clans gameplay where players have to create their own base near the beach of their own island and attack enemy islands in order to obtain a variety of rewards.

In Boom Beach, you are fighting against the Blackguard and the enemy army is controlled by the AI. You can fight against other players over the internet and attack their islands and try to overcome their defenses with your troops. So, Boom Beach take the third place in our list.

4. Brawl stars

Brawl Stars is the latest mobile game developed and released by Supercell. Brawl Stars was available as a soft-launch for its iOS user in June 2017 and for Android users in June 2018. Brawl Stars is a real-time combat game. Two teams of three characters each have to battle full of obstacles and elements to interact with. Your objective is to teach the other team a lesson by controlling your character.

Brawl Stars is very easy to play even with only one finger, having your device in a vertical position. To move your character and attack on Brawl Starts, you just have to touch and slide your finger around the screen. Brawl Stars is the best to play but unfortunately we have list on the 4th place in our list.

5. Hay Day

On June 21, 2012, Supercell released Hay Day for its iOS users and on November 20, 2013, for its Android users. Hay Day is a social management game. Where you have to run a farm that will definitely require all your attention and skill all the time. You have to plant different crops on your field and then harvest them, to do so, you need to use your finger to slide elements across the screen. On Hay Day you can interact with the farm animals and enjoy each one of the personalities, or go fishing in the lake using a similar control system. We think Hay Day is the last game and take the 5th place in our list.

These are all our opinions and ranking, it doesn’t you are wrong. Let us know which one you thing should be in the top and in the bottom.

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