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Enable Free Ad Blocker on your Router

Ads are annoying and filled with filthy images and videos. You will find ads everywhere, from Facebook to Youtube, or any web browser you visit. Ads are fine, but our main concern is some ads are not good for everyone. Nowadays, most of the ads are filled with filthy images and pointing to dating apps.

it’s very simply and you don’t have to pay a penny. I will show you the best and effective ad blocker method to block ads on your device completely. This ad blocker method not only block the ads, but it also block dangerous website, pornographic websites, images contains blood, phishing and tracking websites.


How to add Free Ad Blocker to your Router?

Not matter what Router or Modem you are using in your Home or office. If you are using a Broadband Internet Connection, then you must be having a router or a modem in your home. You must need a Modem or Router to add Ad Blocker details.

Use the below 3 simple step to add ad blocker feature to your Modem or Router.

Step 1. Identify your device brand?

Your Router or Modem can be from any brand, but it doesn’t matters. First, make sure what brand of Router or Modem you are having in your home. You maybe having anyone of the popular brands like D-Link, TP-Link, Huwai etc.,

Step 2. Identify Router login and password


Check the back side of your Modem or Router to confirm the login details. As you can see in the image, all of the Modem or Router are manufactured with the similar login details. 

How to Configuration ADSL TP-Link router Internet | Computer | Tips & Tricks

Step 3. Login to your Modem or Router

Use the information from the back side of your Modem or Router to login. Mostly for all the Modem or Router the username and password will be either admin or password, maybe for your Modem or Router it may different.

192.168.l.l & IP Login (Router Admin)

Step 4. Set the AdGuard DNS Address

Once your login to your Modem or Router page, now you need to find the DNS setting. You will find the DNS setting most of the time inside the LAN or LAN Setting.

Here you can see in the below image, I am able to find my DNS option by going to Network, LAN Setting.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dns-setting.png


My Primary and Secondary DNS is already filled with some Default DNS address. Now change the Default DNS address to AdGuard free DNS address. Now I will replace the Current Primary and Secondary DNS to the below AdGuard Family Protection address.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-3.png

After updating the DNS address click save. That’s it now you have successfully, updated AdGuard DNS servers on your Modem or Router. Now, you have successfully, block ads and all the unwanted contents.

If you follow this method and add ad blocker, you will gain additional benefits and your internet will be faster and you can save some of your internet data because this will block all the unnecessary ads and website in background.

You can follow this practice on your Android device too. Check out this article for the Best Android Ad Blocker Free App (2021)

What is AdGuard Ad blocker DNS?

This is not a secret, we will be using AdGuard ad blocker DNS to block ads and every unwanted thing on your device. AdGuard offers free DNS, which act as a ad blocker, you can use their services without paying a penny to them. 

AdGuard DNS are privacy-oriented DNS resolution system that blocks tracking, ads and phishing. When you enabled internet or connect to a WiFi you will be assigned with some default DNS address mostly googles server or anything which your ISP decide.

How does AdGuard DNS work?

When you use AdGuard ad blocker DNS, at the time of browsing internet or access to any App with AdGuard DNS, their server will block if any bad request send through their DNS server. AdGuard has a database, which contain list of domain names that serve for ad, tracking and fraud purposes, and this database is regularly updated with their team. This way you will be safe using their ad blocker services.

Which AdGuard DNS to Choose?

AdGuard offers three types of ad blocker DNS solution as you can see in the below image.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-1.png

AdGuard Default Ad blocker DNS

This Default DNS is best if you want to block Ads with some security for your device. This AdGuard

AdGuard Ad blocker with Family Protection DNS

Family protection not only block ads but it also offensive, dangerous, pornographic, violent content, harmful to minors, and disturbing images with dead bodies and blood.

We will use Family protection servers, because those DNS and

AdGuard Non-Filter DNS with Ad blocker

If you just want to block ads on your device you can use their “Non-filtering” DNS server and make sure to read their notes. Because beside, Ads those DNS doesn’t filter anything.

If you are using Android device, without doing any changes to your Android network setting you can simple use the Secure Family – Safe and Secure Browsing App. This App does the same thing with just one click.

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